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Question of the day: why don’t men text back?

21 Sep

By now we all know that men and women are different. Really? Yes, really!

There’s one area in particular though, where the difference between male and female shows: texting.

I’m a ‘texter’. I prefer texting over making phonecalls. It’s quick, easy, to the point. So I text a lot, my friends, colleagues. Sometimes to set up a meeting, plan a fun day, or just random stuff. Women get that. Women reply. Men don’t.


There’s this guy I like and who I get along with just great. We text. But a lot of the times, I text and there’s silence….. Unless I actually write the text in the form of a question. Then he answers. A man’s brain works completely different than ours. They see the incoming text message as just that: a message. Duly noted. No reply needed. They don’t see that on the other side of that text, someone is checking the phone every 10 minutes to see if there’s a reply. And don’t say it’s just me who does that. Because I know, it’s a fact. Well, it is … right ?

I get it. Men are different. Venus. Mars. Blablabla. But does that make things any less frustrating for me? No, it doesn’t. *sigh*. Maybe I should just write all my texts as questions. Either that will get him to reply more often, or it will just send him straight over the edge because he thinks I’m annoying the hell out of him! Hmmm, something tells me it might be the last option. Can you say: restraining order? Maybe not such a great idea then…

Ah well. At least I know it’s not me. Just Google “why is it men don’t text back” and you’ll be amazed how many hits you get! Conclusion: boys are dumb! (just kidding guys! Or…).

Christmas anyone?

20 Sep

Yep, you read it right: Christmas!

Yesterday I went to see my sister, as we were going out for sushi and wine. But before we could go, she needed my input. What did I think of the table setting? Erm… table setting? For what? For Christmas of course! I checked my calendar and saw that it really was only September. I hadn’t fallen asleep for 2 months. Okaaay.

So I gave my opinion about the table setting and thought that would be it. Guess what, I thought wrong. Decorations had to be discussed as well as the menu. I wasn’t really inspired to be honest. But I know it means a great deal to my sister, so I happily went along with it. It’s the first Christmas since her divorce so she wants to make it nice and special. And I want that for her.

We’ve lost our parents in 2001 and 2005 and the holiday season has lost its spark since then. Last year I celebrated Christmas with a friend of mine and her parents, in England. I had enough turkey to last me a lifetime! So this year it’s back to basics: family. My 20 year old nephew even suggested that we go to church on Christmas eve because his girlfriend’s never been there. My sister and I were both in shock that he actually suggested it. So not his thing. We always went, but again, things changed after we lost our parents.

So even if it’s only September, we’re already planning Christmas. An old fashioned family Christmas. It’s going to be good, I’m sure. But does she really expect me to decide now what I want for dessert then? I’d better put on my thinking cap. Hmmmm.

So much for the action plan…

18 Sep

Warning for all men, female stuff in this post. Run, now that you still have the chance!

No post from me yesterday. I didn’t get home from work until 10PM. Don’t worry, I wasn’t working. On Friday’s we open our bar at work and celebrate surviving yet another week at the bank. We had fun. Lots of fun. We had wine. Lots of wine. Hence the not coming home from work until 10. Pottered around for an hour and then I actually got ready for bed. On a Friday evening. How sad am I? No need to answer that really.

My cleaning action plan is ready and the plan was (notice how I’m using the word “was” there? You kind of know what’s coming, right?) to tackle the kitchen today. And then I woke up. Body aching, tummy cramps… oh yes, I’ve been reminded that I’m definitely a girl. Sob.

So instead of cleaning, I’m feeling sorry for myself, drinking tea, watching series and playing games on Facebook. I’m in paaaaain! Ok maybe that’s a bit dramatic but there are times when a woman is entitled to be dramatic.

I have to go to the supermarket later on. I haven’t gone yet, but the thought of having to deal with people getting in my way there is not making me any happier. So I’ll go when everyone is having their dinner. Yes, I do have good ideas sometimes.

First thing on my shopping list: chocolate. In all varieties. Ice cream, bars, milk, mousse. I don’t care as long as I can have my choc craving fixed!

For now, I’m going to watch the latest episode of Vampire Diaries. I bet a dose of Damon can make me feel better instantly.

Viva la donna!

Spring cleaning, erm.. but in September

16 Sep

The technical term is “spring cleaning” but somehow I managed to skip it this spring and leave it until now. Don’t look all grossed out, I do clean! But the whole ‘turning your house upside down and inside out’, nope I haven’t had that pleasure yet this year.

I hate cleaning. I know there’s people who go through houses like white tornados and clean as if their lives depend on it. I’m not one of them. Trust me. But now I’m getting that cleaning bug again. And once I do get it…. I want to get on with it. Just too bad I’m bored with it way too soon. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do first and what to do next.

So, I’m going to make an action plan. Yes, an action plan. A plan for each room in my appartment. A trip to IKEA is also part of that plan. New baskets, containers etc. to put my stuff in and make things tidy and practical. Ok, I’ll be honest, I like any excuse to go to IKEA. Who doesn’t!

So the plan is to make a plan. That’s the easy part. I’m good at making plans. Making lists. Making timetables. It’s the bit where it comes to putting them into action that can be a slight problem. Well, when it’s something I don’t like to do anyway.

Did I already say that I don’t like cleaning? I did? Oh.

But I’m going to do this properly now, top to bottom. And then, who knows, I might hire someone to do it for me every week or 2 weeks or so. I think it’s worth the investment. I don’t have a lot of free time and I don’t like having to spend it cleaning. And someone else wants to earn the extra money by cleaning houses. Who am I to stop the economy from getting stronger, right?

But first, THE plan has to be made. So if you will excuse me, I have to work on my Excel file and work on something with pretty colours. Oh, if only the cleaning part was so much fun.

Who knew!….

15 Sep

that today would actually be a good day after the disaster called “yesterday”.

I woke up this morning, realising my cold is nearly gone, yay! When I left home this morning, the sun was shining, shock! Arrived at work on time and I would love to say that even the cappuccino tasted better, but that would be a lie. Can’t have it all, right?

Right before lunchtime a guy came in, who does chair massages. Our management arranged that, sweet! Who wants a 15 minute massage? Meeeee! So before my lunchbreak I had a relaxing massage, then went outside with my colleague and did some shopping. Sigh, so far so good.

Did it get better? Yes, it did! Some of us participated in a raffle and as a thank you, we got vouchers: a 3 day mini-cruise to England, Newcastle to be exact, second person gets to go for free. I say: good deal! I was talking to a colleague about this and we decided to go together. Mind you, I’ve only known her for 2 months but hey, she likes fun, I like fun, so that should be good. Fun times ahead!

And yet, the day got better. My colleague called her mother, who just had her grandmother over for tea. So they talked about our plans and it turns out her grandmother won a prize in a puzzle competition. Her prize? A 3 day mini-cruise to Newcastle! But it’s only valid if used before December and they happen to be in Spain then. Hmmm what to do with the cruise then?

So guess who’s now going on a FREE mini-cruise to Newcastle, including one dinner and a sea-side cabin? *looks around*. Oh, that would be me then!

You can imagine the excitement. We kind of forgot that we were at work to do just that… work. Oh well, we’ll be productive again tomorrow.

I left work on time, had a fun ride home with my colleague (he’s the one that I nearly had to rescue last night). I didn’t have to cook because I had left over pasta, I did some cleaning, some laundry and right now I’m watching football: Real Madrid – Ajax (go Ajax!). Glass of wine next to me.

Sigh, life is good. I may not have a really nice car, a huge house, a large sum in my bank account or a wardrobe full of designer wear, but it’s not about those things. My cat is sleeping on the sofa. I moved to the dinnertable so she can sleep there. Her paws are twitching in her sleep, so cute. In other words, it’s not the big things that make life worth living. That’s easy. To appreciate the smaller things, or things that just happen to come your way, that’s the real deal.

So overall, this has been a good day and I’m grateful for that. What will tomorrow bring? Who knows!
For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my evening.

Now if only Ajax can manage to not lose this game….

EDIT: Ajax lost. 2-0. Sob.

Holiday is over, back to work. Hmphhhh.

14 Sep

*hachooooo*. Cough, sneeze, splutter. Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

Today was my first day back at work after a week off and a great trip to Paris. With watery eyes (and no, it wasn’t because I felt emotional about going back to work) and a runny nose I got into my car this morning. First there was the horror of waking up at 6am. I looked outside… and it was dark! Yuck! Then I went outside…. and it was wet! Double yuck!

After a long drive to work (why is it that once it’s raining, people forget how to drive?) I got there. I got my stuff out, turned on the computer and got myself a nice cappuccino. Well, it’s not really nice, but it’s still better then well, no cappuccino. After catching up with some of my colleagues I made a brave move: I opened my email. Eeeeek!

My computer actually froze, does that tell you enough? Unread emails are listed in red, read emails are listed in black. I didn’t see black. At all. Just red. So what did I do? I rolled up my sleeves (not really, just figuratively speaking) and… got myself another cup of coffee. More liquid courage was needed to tackle my inbox. Just as I was taking one more breath and convincing myself that it’s not that bad, I had to go to a meeting. A meeting? Why didn’t I know about that? Ah, it was in my email. That explains it.

A one hour meeting and then, it was time. The next hour I was staring at my screen, reading dozens of email, wondering why I even got half of them. Delete, delete, delete.

My eyes were getting dryer and dryer and the air conditioning didn’t help. So I felt like I could fall asleep any minute. Some fresh air during my lunch break would do me good I decided. Until I looked outside and it was raining harder than hard. “Shall we order lunch?” someone suggested. Good idea! Who needs fresh air anyway *yaaaaawn*.

One after-lunch dip later, it was time to get back to work. Or at least, make an attempt. Right, time to get started on the stuff that got left for me during my holiday. So I thought. Phonecall after phonecall, and my pile of work slowly moved to the corner of my desk. I swear it was looking at me. Growling at me. I think I even growled back at some point hmmm.

And time went on. Eyes getting dryer and heavier by the minute, nose getting more and more blocked by the second. Is it time to go home yet? I want to sleep! Around 3PM I suggested to my colleague that we would go outside for a second, to get some fresh air. Hmmm, still raining. Instead we went into the parking garage, to see if we could pick up some fresh air. Not really! A cold butt from sitting on a stone wall and the smell of diesel, that we did get. Obviously we didn’t stay out too long. Back to work it is then.

I actually managed to get some things done, although The Pile From Hell was still staring at me from my desk. I locked it away in my locker, hahaaaaa! Clever huh? It will be there when I come back in the morning. Hopefully with more energy than today.

So I went home at 5.30PM and of course, got stuck in traffic. Quick trip to the supermarket to pick up food, make some pasta and then sit down to write this blog before I start typing with my eyelids.

Hopefully, this is the end of my day but maybe my colleague/friend needs me to pick him up after college, because he managed to forget his house keys and can’t get into his house. I’m so going for the Friend of the Year Award. Pleaaaaaaase, have mercy on me and let me stay in. Pretty pleaaaaase! It’s dark, raining and windy outside and I just want to play Farmville (yes, I’m guilty), listen to my Il Divo playlist (yes, I love them, I do sing along and no it’s not good) and enjoy a nice glass of red wine.

And lo and behold! Just as I’m writing this, he texts me to say he’s fine and doesn’t need me to pick him up. At least this day ended with one good thing then, woohoo!

So, next step is to take out my contacts, take off my make up, pull my hair back in a ponytail and pour myself that well deserved glass of wine. I’ll probably be asleep after the first sip but who cares! It’s the thought that counts.

And tomorrow? I get to do it all over again. Cheers!

Dream the dream, or not?

13 Sep

Right this moment I’m watching X Factor UK. It’s… fascinating. I never know whether I’m more intrigued by the people who can’t sing and make complete idiots out of themselves or the ones that really blow my mind because they are just that good.

Watching the bad auditions on X Factor is like looking at a trainwreck. You know you’re going to regret watching, you know you shouldn’t be doing it, but yet you just can’t resist. I wonder what those people think when they watch themselves on tv. Do they realise just how bad it was? Or do they still think the judges got it all wrong and they really are the best performers on earth.

And then there’s that one audition that makes you look up and sit there with your mouth open. Where has this talent been hiding? What if these shows never existed? So many great voices would never have been heard.

What I admire about the contestants, good or bad, is that they dare to dream, they have a passion. That ultimate dream. Do I have a passion like that? To be honest, the answer is no. I want to be good at what I do, I like my job and I like my life (well, most of the time anyway) but do I have my dreamjob? I don’t think so. Do I know what my dreamjob is? I don’t think so. I know that I would love to be an event planner, but that’s such so difficult to get into, it’s not something I’m actually aiming for. I love travelling and do that whenever I can.

Is it a bad thing that I don’t have a dream and/or passion to chase after? Maybe it’s a good thing to just be happy with what life gives you and be the best that you can be at whatever it is your doing? It’s great when you want to go for a dream, but what if that means you can’t appreciate those things you already have achieved?

Maybe I’ll discover my ultimate passion, my dream. Who knows. I’m not going to wait for it though, I’m going to enjoy life as it is and as it comes and be the best I can be at whatever I do.

And in the meantime, I’m going to watch the trainwreck known as X Factor, watch people try to accomplish their dreams, win or fail.

Lazy Sundays

12 Sep

My cold is slightly better, so here I am, drinking my hot coffee and having croissants for breakfast. It has to be done on a Sunday morning, well afternoon then. It’s a bit grey outside but I don’t mind, I’m not going anywhere today.

I love to start my Sunday with reading the news. What can I say, I’m a news junkie! I always find it fascinating how a story about the remembrance of 9/11 can cause the same reaction in the media as the story about footballer Wayne Rooney allegedly cheating on his wife with some prostitutes. Hmmmm.

What saddens me is the small articles, tucked away so you hardly notice them, like today’s story about a 17 year old girl who died today after a moped accident yesterday. She was hoping to have a lazy Sunday as well. Or maybe she was planning to meet her friends for a girly day. Who knows. Never going to happen. An article of only 6 lines.

A 26 year old woman died last night, in a car accident. The tyres on the right side hit the outside of the road and when she tried to pull the car back on the road, she hit a tree. She’ll never enjoy a lazy Sunday again. Maybe she came home after a fun night out, a hot date, or a crappy shift at work. Who knows. An article of 7 lines.

Of course the main events in the world (and I’m not talking about Wayne Rooney here!) get the most attention. That’s how it goes. But it’s the small tragedies that have a lot of impact on me. I guess it’s the ‘It could have been me/my friend/my sister/my niece’- factor that makes it so close to home.

At least there’s happy news as well: Monsoon are bringing their clothes from the UK to Holland, yay!

As for me and my lazy Sunday? I’m going to enjoy it, you never know how many will follow. So off I go to get another cup of coffee and spend my day reading and watching movies. It has to be done.

Hello world!

11 Sep

Just what the world needs: yet another blogger! Oh well, I’m doing this anyway. Why? To get the sometimes oh so random thoughts, the frustrations, the wonderful events, the sadness, the small things in life, the big things in life, out of my head and into, well.. who knows!

I could have picked better days to start this. I’m sitting here, in my baggy clothes, cup of tea next to me, battling the worst cold I’ve had in a long time. Souvenir from Paris I guess, bleurgh.

I just spent 5 fantastic days in Paris, Montmartre to be more exact, with a friend. We counted, it was our 6th time in Paris and still we managed to find new things to see. Good thing about having been there several times is that we know our way around the metro system by now. That saves you like 2 hours a day, trust me. Things that we hadn’t visited before were the Pantheon (what a fabulous building), the Saint Sulpice (it was in The Da Vinci code, remember?) and the Tour Montparnasse. Better than the Eiffel Tower, because you get the same view, you actually see the Eiffel Tower and there’s no queuing line and no scary little lift. Win!

So we’ve done a lot, seen a lot, had pretty good weather, great restaurants, drinks. So did I come back all relaxed and well rested? The answer is: no! I’ve never managed to come back from Paris relaxed and well rested, because it’s exhausting. But oh so worth it. I love Paris, what can I say.

Next time I’ll just try bringing home a tacky Eiffel Tower souvenir though, instead of a cold. Right, off to find some paracetamol now. Back to the not so glamourous life, sigh.