Lazy Sundays

12 Sep

My cold is slightly better, so here I am, drinking my hot coffee and having croissants for breakfast. It has to be done on a Sunday morning, well afternoon then. It’s a bit grey outside but I don’t mind, I’m not going anywhere today.

I love to start my Sunday with reading the news. What can I say, I’m a news junkie! I always find it fascinating how a story about the remembrance of 9/11 can cause the same reaction in the media as the story about footballer Wayne Rooney allegedly cheating on his wife with some prostitutes. Hmmmm.

What saddens me is the small articles, tucked away so you hardly notice them, like today’s story about a 17 year old girl who died today after a moped accident yesterday. She was hoping to have a lazy Sunday as well. Or maybe she was planning to meet her friends for a girly day. Who knows. Never going to happen. An article of only 6 lines.

A 26 year old woman died last night, in a car accident. The tyres on the right side hit the outside of the road and when she tried to pull the car back on the road, she hit a tree. She’ll never enjoy a lazy Sunday again. Maybe she came home after a fun night out, a hot date, or a crappy shift at work. Who knows. An article of 7 lines.

Of course the main events in the world (and I’m not talking about Wayne Rooney here!) get the most attention. That’s how it goes. But it’s the small tragedies that have a lot of impact on me. I guess it’s the ‘It could have been me/my friend/my sister/my niece’- factor that makes it so close to home.

At least there’s happy news as well: Monsoon are bringing their clothes from the UK to Holland, yay!

As for me and my lazy Sunday? I’m going to enjoy it, you never know how many will follow. So off I go to get another cup of coffee and spend my day reading and watching movies. It has to be done.


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