Christmas anyone?

20 Sep

Yep, you read it right: Christmas!

Yesterday I went to see my sister, as we were going out for sushi and wine. But before we could go, she needed my input. What did I think of the table setting? Erm… table setting? For what? For Christmas of course! I checked my calendar and saw that it really was only September. I hadn’t fallen asleep for 2 months. Okaaay.

So I gave my opinion about the table setting and thought that would be it. Guess what, I thought wrong. Decorations had to be discussed as well as the menu. I wasn’t really inspired to be honest. But I know it means a great deal to my sister, so I happily went along with it. It’s the first Christmas since her divorce so she wants to make it nice and special. And I want that for her.

We’ve lost our parents in 2001 and 2005 and the holiday season has lost its spark since then. Last year I celebrated Christmas with a friend of mine and her parents, in England. I had enough turkey to last me a lifetime! So this year it’s back to basics: family. My 20 year old nephew even suggested that we go to church on Christmas eve because his girlfriend’s never been there. My sister and I were both in shock that he actually suggested it. So not his thing. We always went, but again, things changed after we lost our parents.

So even if it’s only September, we’re already planning Christmas. An old fashioned family Christmas. It’s going to be good, I’m sure. But does she really expect me to decide now what I want for dessert then? I’d better put on my thinking cap. Hmmmm.


One Response to “Christmas anyone?”

  1. Mindless Rambler September 20, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    Would you hate me if I said I’ve started my Christmas shopping? LOL

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