Question of the day: why don’t men text back?

21 Sep

By now we all know that men and women are different. Really? Yes, really!

There’s one area in particular though, where the difference between male and female shows: texting.

I’m a ‘texter’. I prefer texting over making phonecalls. It’s quick, easy, to the point. So I text a lot, my friends, colleagues. Sometimes to set up a meeting, plan a fun day, or just random stuff. Women get that. Women reply. Men don’t.


There’s this guy I like and who I get along with just great. We text. But a lot of the times, I text and there’s silence….. Unless I actually write the text in the form of a question. Then he answers. A man’s brain works completely different than ours. They see the incoming text message as just that: a message. Duly noted. No reply needed. They don’t see that on the other side of that text, someone is checking the phone every 10 minutes to see if there’s a reply. And don’t say it’s just me who does that. Because I know, it’s a fact. Well, it is … right ?

I get it. Men are different. Venus. Mars. Blablabla. But does that make things any less frustrating for me? No, it doesn’t. *sigh*. Maybe I should just write all my texts as questions. Either that will get him to reply more often, or it will just send him straight over the edge because he thinks I’m annoying the hell out of him! Hmmm, something tells me it might be the last option. Can you say: restraining order? Maybe not such a great idea then…

Ah well. At least I know it’s not me. Just Google “why is it men don’t text back” and you’ll be amazed how many hits you get! Conclusion: boys are dumb! (just kidding guys! Or…).


3 Responses to “Question of the day: why don’t men text back?”

  1. Sherry November 25, 2010 at 10:08 am #

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE your post! I’m feeling the same way about a guy who shows his care and love for me in many ways, but just doesn’t usually text me back! I feel horrified when he does that and it’s great to know that you feel the same way too! (well, of course I don’t want you to be in horror most of the time …) I just feel like omg, maybe something’s wrong and he doesn’t like me anymore, he doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore, or I’ve just revealed something about myself that has scared the hell out of him, or maybe I’ve been imagining the depth of our connection as being greater than what it is. Fortunately, when I see him again (and that’s five days every week), I could see that nothing’s wrong and he has continued to ask me out. And yet, yes, I STILL feel like “what the ….”?

    Thank you for your post! It’s wonderful to find “kinship” about this topic!

  2. Esther December 23, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    Hi there!

    Thanks for your comment. I replied before but apparently it’s gone lost in a big black hole. Eeeek!

    Ahhh I knew I wasn’t the only one, but still it’s good to find “soul sisters”.

    2 months have gone past since my post and things haven’t changed in the texting department. And although I still want to slap him silly for not texting back (I’m sure he’s an idiot, he must be), I realise it’s not going to change. Venus… Mars… you know the drill…


  3. Noelle November 15, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    I am having the same problem, we have only been on two dates, but I text him Tues pm and it is now Thursday, suppose to have a date tomorrow night. Am cooking dinner, so do i wait and assume that we are still on for tomorrow night, or text him to see if he decided on a time?

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