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Help! It’s flu season!

20 Dec

1. Burning eyes. check.
2. Runny nose. check.
3. Aching muscles. check.
4. Fever. check.
5. Coughing like you belong in Seaworld. check.
6. Zero energy. check.

Yes people, its flu-time. I knew it was coming. Last week my voice was disappearing slowly but surely (I think I forgot to put that on the checklist hmmm) and since last Saturday I officially feel as if someone dragged me through a hedge. Head first.

I hate being sick. I’m too restless to stay in bed all day. So I move from my bed to my couch and back again. Thank God for watching mindless movies so I can keep myself occupied without actually having to use my brain.

Christmas is only a few days away. As long as I’m better on Christmas Eve, that’s all that counts. I’m going to be with my sister and her kids. She’s had a rough year and it means the world to her to make this a good christmas.

Wouldn’t be the first year I had to miss christmas because I was sick. I remember a few years ago I was down as well and even watching Harry Potter was too much hard work for me. Now that says something!

If only this dry cough would just go away. It’s driving me insane! So lots of tea with honey it is.

And in the meantime, business goes on as usual. Laundry needs to be done, dishes need to be done. So far I’ve managed to avoid having to go to the supermarket. Let’s hope I can make it last a bit longer.

Ah well, I’ll survive. Right? Right??!!!

I called my boss today to say I’m not going to be at work tomorrow. I think he’s kind of glad that I’m staying home. With my germs.

Right, off to watch another mindless movie. I think it’s going to be She’s All That now. Putting the brain on level zero now.

Someone pass me the Kleenex. Thanks.


12 Dec

One of the highlights of Christmas season for me? Christmas movies! Yay! Every year, the same ones are shown on tv, but they became part of the Christmas tradition for me.

My ‘must-see’ list? Well of course there’s Elf. One of my all time favourites. Every year I watch it with my friend. We even set a date for it. Minor detail, she watches it in California, I watch it in the Netherlands. We synchronize our dvd players, and go on msn to comment, laugh and quote the movie. Because some brilliant quotes it has. Never seen it? *gasp* Shame on you! Trust me, you won’t regret it. Buddy the Elf rocks!

I also love watching the Sissi series. An Austrian/German series of 3 movies, made in the 50’s with the beautiful Romy Schneider. Oh, the romance and the beautiful dresses. Never gets boring!

And what about the Muppet Christmas Carol movie? With the brillaint quote from Rizzo “light the lamp not the rat, light the lamp not the rat! ” . And Gonzo’s “and Tiny Tim, who did NOT die…”. Not to mention the cute little bunny that gets to buy the Christmas goose, awwwww.

Of course there are the classics like Annie, The Sound of Music (don’t you just love to sing along?) and Love Actually.

Throw in some Harry Potter, the Santa Clause and I’m happy.

Pot of tea or cup of hot chocolate (or a nice glass of wine) and some munchies, Christmas lights on and let your mind go blank.

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

It’s the season to be jolly. Falalalalaaaaaa lalalalaaaaa!

Happy Holidays!

Coming up for air!

5 Dec

Wow, it’s been over a month since my last post. Real life got in the way and I haven’t been near my laptop for more than 5 minutes at a time. My internet connection has not been what it’s supposed to be either.

Something tells me it’s a conspiracy to keep me from going online. Hmmm.

Last time I wrote about the yes/no/maybe situation at work. Well, it’s been a very hectic time but 2 weeks ago I finally got the word: I keep my job! Permanently! I’m officially back in my former job (assistant banker) and I couldn’t be happier. They’ve teamed me a up with a banker who I get along with just great and who needs me to kick his butt into gear so I couldn’t be happier.

Things have been busy but good. So yay me!

More to come soon! If I can get my internet fixed properly this time it is… ugh…