Happy New Year!

2 Jan

Happy New Year everyone! May 2011 bring us all everything we wish for.

My New Years Eve was of course… unusual. My friend came to pick me up at work in Amsterdam. We closed at 12 and drinks and food were supplied so everyone was drinking champagne, wine and beer before lunchtime. yikes!

We stayed in Amsterdam and had something to eat at the Dam Square In the evening we headed for the Museum Square where we had a party along with 25000 other people (last year there were 40000 but there had been some talk of cancelling the thing so that’s probably why a lot of people stayed away). So we stood there on a muddy field, with huuuuuuge puddles everywhere and ice everywhere. But… they had a bar with wine and champagne and great music so it was great fun. We went into the new year with a great act. A woman sang Nessun Dorma and halfway the song the beat changed and drummers joined her. Soooo good. Fantastic fireworks, 25000 counting down. Very nice! And cold! And… with very wet feet!

The party ended around 00.30 and we went into town but decided to go home after a while. At least… that was the plan! We had stored some bags at the baggage deposit at central station. We had checked if there were restrictions regarding the opening hours and there weren’t. So we got there around 3 am and the staff said that it was closed and we could come back at 7am. WHAT??? They said there had been a sign, no, yes, no, yes. Then he told us to go to the station chief. Same discussion. He told us to go to the 3 police officers standing there to explain. So we did. Then one police officer turned around and started yelling at us that he was not going to discuss this and he was just nasty. So I told him off hehe. Told him that I’m talking to him in a polite, friendly manner and that I expect to be treated the same. He said he had a ‘bit of a short fuse”. We just said: “really????”. He didn’t want to help us and told us to go away. Since I didn’t want to spend my first day of the year getting a fine or in jail, we left. When we walked away I just said “oh and a happy new year to you too by the way” . That surprised him I think because he was silent and then mumbled the same haha. Idiot.

Let’s just say a written complaint is being issued.

So, no bags. I had my keys but then we had to go back again in the morning. Lots of people were stranded there, no way we were going to sleep in the station hall!

So we took a train to Schiphol Airport instead. At least that’s clean, light and they have food and drink there. We stayed there until 7am (thank God for Starbucks) then went back to the train station to collect our bags. There were at least 100 people already waiting there. And they all happened to have missed the sign huh? Riiiiight.

We each went our own way so I finally got home at 8.30am yesterday. You can imagine that New Years Day was pretty useless. But I caught up on some sleep now and I’m as good as new.

Ready for 2011 to begin. 2010 was a good year but very eventful and not always in the good sense. But I’ve had worse so I’m not complaining.

With the things I have planned in this year already, it has to become a good year. I feel it. I’m in good health, I have my friends, my job and the family that I have left is there for me.

My goal for 2011 is to enjoy what I have and just have lots of fun. I have some great trips planned, I’m meeting up with lots of friends so I’m confident that I’ll succeed. I’m going to look after myself and take good care of myself. That means the whole eating well and excersicing routine but also look after the inner me. Basically I just have to be nice to myself in every meaning of the word.

Again: have a great 2011 everyone!

And remember: if you ever need to store your stuff at a baggage deposit… check for non-existing signs!


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  1. strangetributes January 2, 2011 at 12:37 pm #

    Nice post!!

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