Lost without technology

27 Aug

Let’s see, my last post was made in March. It is now nearly September. What happened there? Well, let me tell you. Technology let me down! In April my laptop was starting to make scary noises. Worrying noises. Not long after that, it failed completely. Harddrive died, therefor my laptop had gone to laptop heaven.

With my holiday coming up, I didn’t buy a new one just then. I sure needed every cent for that trip (and what a trip it was, more about that another time, I promise!)

So I’ve been offline since April, went on holiday in May/June and came back with an incredible amount of experiences and memories and a balance on my account to match. So again, laptop had to wait. I sent some emails and texts on my phone to let people know that I’m still alive and why I’m not around in cyberspace.

Trouble is in these days, there are so many of us who are only connecting through the internet. It’s like a lifeline to the rest of the world. Which is good, but it’s also scary in a way. I was living my life, doing very well, just not with my computer.

This morning, I finally got back online. What a relief. It felt like someone had cut off my arm a few months ago and finally fixed it. So here’s me being very happy to be back in touch with people again. Of course they’re happy to see me as well. But there’s another group that just doesn’t get it. Did I not want anything to do with them, is that why I disappeared? Ehm, no, I told you, I didn’t have a computer or any other internet access. But why didn’t you get in touch with us? Ehm, because the only link I have to you people is through the internet. That I didn’t have.

Are we really that brainwashed by technology? Is it impossible to live without it? Is it normal that people are freaking out just because someone hasn’t been on Facebook, Twitter or something for a while? Are we obliged to send emails to people, just to keep telling them that we aren’t around for whatever reason?

I guess the world is getting smaller thanks to the internet but there’s definitely a downside as well.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to play with my new laptop. Hopefully nobody will send out a search party!

Next time, I’ll tell more about my holiday to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Can I go back?


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