Moving on, literally and figuritavely

11 Oct

Well, in my previous post I talked about having to make some major decisions. This evening I emailed my friend that I want to move into her place, so that means that I’m going to be moving out.

The first word that comes to mind is: eeeeeeeeek!

I don’t do change, I’m terrible at making decisions, always have been. I remember when I was 8 and my mother told me that we were going to move to another house. I freaked out! I didn’t want to leave my room behind. Even when my mum told me we could put everything in my new room as it was now, I still wouldn’t calm down. Because it was not my room.

That never really changed I think. When I went to work in my current job, I left my previous job after 6 years. It was like saying goodbye to family. I might be moving on to another job next year, the next level. Just thinking about it now gives me a headache. Again, I don’t do change.

And now I’m going to move, knowing that I’m going to have to find another place. So now I have to make so many arrangements. And that’s the one thing I dread. Well, not making the arrangements. Actually doing those things and figuring out how to do them.

I have to clear out my entire apartment, take out the floor, remove furniture and put some of it in storage. I’m going to get rid of most of my stuff. The place I’m going to be moving into is furnished (with way better stuff than mine, I might add) and when I find a new place, I want to make a fresh start, with new things. It helps that I don’t like most of my stuff anyway hehe

I might move in December, so that would mean Christmas in a new place and starting a new year in a new home.

Ugh, I wish I could just click my heels and have it all done. Ah well, guess I’m going to start making my to do list.
Step 1: find strong, hunky men to help me move my furniture hehe.

OMG, I’m actually going to move to a new house, a new city, eeeeeeeek!


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