The curse of the single 30-something.

7 Nov

Here I am, at Starbucks, having a nice vanilla latte and lemon poppy seed muffin (low fat of course).

People coming and going. This one’s at the airport, so it’s literally people coming and going. From anywhere, to anywhere. Lots of people watching to do, nobody really interesting though.

And then there’s this guy who takes a seat in the comfy chair next to you. Reading architectural magazines, well dressed, good haircut, nice profile and if you squint he could be Bradley Cooper’s great-great-cousin. Or at least his great-great-cousin’s neighbour. Gorgeous eyes too and the right age.

Ah and he’s even reading an article about Greenpeace. And even his travelling bag looks good!

There must be something wrong with him right? Hmmm I wonder what it could be. And there it is! The gold band on his right hand. Dammit!

The curse strikes again. I’d better get myself another latte. Better luck next time (yeah right).

Oh, and he’d better not be trying to read my screen, oops.


2 Responses to “The curse of the single 30-something.”

  1. Running Sunflower December 3, 2011 at 1:53 am #

    Here’s to the single 30-something! (I’m raising a glass of red wine as I type this).

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