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Sunday thoughts

6 Oct

2 days after my first crossfit workout I went on holiday. 10 glorious, lazy days in Cyprus. Good thing I hadn’t planned anything active, because I sure felt my body! And yes, I was very thankful to find out that my apartment there had a bath. Soak and relax those muscles.

For the first time ever I kept my ‘mode’ going during my holiday. I did some walking, swimming, push ups, squats, sit ups. Not too crazy, but enough to stay active and focussed. I cooked my own meals and have to say, I did very well. Finding fresh veggies was a bit of a challenge, it took me 4 days to find lettuce. I think I’m the first person on this planet to be excited to buy lettuce!

So, a week ago I came home after a week of lazy days by the pool, reading books and thinking about life. And I came to one conclusion: I’m doing pretty well for myself. I’m learning to realise that this is the one life that I get and that it’s up to me what I do with it. The same thing goes for my body. It’s the one place that will always be a true home to me, so I’d better take good care of it and make it as healthy and strong as possible.

Last Wednesday I signed up for another crossfit class. It was 8pm, I was tired and just wanted to go home. But I went. For a second I felt bad about having to ask for a lower box to step on, when doing box jumps. The fat one can’t do it. It was school all over again. But I shook it off. I’m here to improve myself and this is just my starting point. I do have to remind myself of that.

The coach who was there the first time, was here again now. He was glad to see mee again. He gave me lots of great pointers and motivation. Another coach was great to me as I was doing my ring rows. Others can do pull ups, or band assisted pull ups. I’m not there yet, so what. It will come. I will work for it.

I’m going back again this week, and I’m still scared to go “can I do this?” but excited as well. So I’m going to keep going back, to improve myself.

I’m feeling strong. Both physically and mentally. If I can bring myself to do this and overcome these barriers, there’s nothing I can’t do.

And that is a wonderful thing to realise on this Sunday evening. Bring on a new week!

Vacaction time! Or is it?

16 Sep

After 3 months of working like mad, my vacation time finally arrived. Last Friday was my last workday. So time to relax and get ready for my trip to sunny Cyprus end of this week. Or so I thought!

On Saturday I woke up with the cold from hell. It was like 3 months of stress just hit back in one night. Ugh!

But no work to worry about so time to just relax. Right? Ehhhhh wrong! Because of the reorganization at work, today was assessment time. With a head full of cotton, people talking in the room next door and women walking up and down the hall in heels on wooden floors, it’s hard to concentrate. But I did it, I did alright and I’m done with it. The support I got from my colleagues was fantastic.

So can I let go of work now? No, I can’t! Because now I have to update my CV and send it in to HR. More work related stuff to do. Is it Friday yet?

Did I mention that it’s 30 degrees celsius in Cyprus right now? And that it’s already dark, windy and rainy here in the Netherlands? I want to gooooooo!

And if all this isn’t enough torture, I planned my first beginners class at my crossfit box on Wednesday. Why? I know I probably won’t be able to move until Sunday. Again, why? I must be mad! I’m actually more nervous for this than I was for my assessment. I just want to get this over with, I need to break through that wall.

Again, why am I doing this?

But now, it’s Monday night. Class of red wine, my cat is curled up next to me and a double episode of Grey’s Anatomy is on tv. Time to relax. For now. *sigh*

Saturday ramblings

24 Aug

And another week went by, whooooosh! I’ve done pretty well, but haven’t been able to workout as much as I had planned.
But I did my fair share, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I have another circuit training planned for today, so I will make up for it by doing push ups, squats, dumbell rows etc. etc. I love those exercises. They make me feel strong and powerful eventho well… I’m not hehe.


I weighed in again today and lost 6 kg in total now. So that’s 5% less than my starting weight and what sounds even better: 12% of the total amount I want to lose. So I’m doing a happy dance now! Especially since I’m not depriving myself of anything. I’m never hungry, I don’t have cravings, I just make the right choices. And the loss of those kilos is not even my main goal. It’s more of a tool to measure my progress. My goal: become healthy and strong.

Work has been extremely busy and I’ve been really tired. I have 2 weeks off in September and I am so counting down the days. After my time off I will have to deal with reorganisation stress at work, so I decided to be kind to myself and I booked a 10 day holiday to Cyprus. Second time this year I’m going there. I just love Cyprus. In 4 weeks time I’ll be enjoying the sun by the pool, holding a cold drink. Can you tell I’m excited? Good thing is I will have a mini-fridge in my room there, so I can buy stuff at the supermarkt and continue to eat healthy. With a cheatmeal every now and then. I don’t want to come back and have to start all over again.


So, that’s my recap of this week. I’m feeling good. Just had my yummy scrambled eggs with a bit of salsa mixed into it, sliced tomato and avocado and a steaming cup of black coffee. Time to get ready for the day. I’m going out to buy my 2 jars and marbles to keep track of my weightloss as I wrote about in a previous blog.

Happy weekend everyone!

Easy like Sunday morning

6 Mar

Easy like Sunday morning, aaaaahhh ahhhh ahh aaahhhhhhh. Ok, I’ll stop singing. It is now 10.30am, Sunday morning. The sun is shining, I have my coffee and I’m feeling good!

Amazing how a bit of sunshine can influence your mood. My friend and I might be meeting up today and go to the beach for a walk. She’s the same friend/colleague who let me down last week. We’ve only been texting since then and I did let her know that I was very disappointed that I didn’t hear from her, even though she promised me to call.

We’re good now, but I do hope our meet up of today will happen, so I can talk to her face to face. She wants to be treated as a grown up, so she has to learn to act like one and also take criticism when it’s given to her. She’s 11 years younger than me and she sees me as her big sis, so might as well act like one then!

I’ve had a very relaxing weekend so far. Boring but lovely. I started watching House again from the beginning and am now halfway season 2. Love it. Love it. Love it.

I’m also very busy planning my holiday. Going for a 3 week trip to the US with a friend. On May 25th we fly to Las Vegas, from there we fly to Los Angeles, there we drive up to San Francisco, taking the coastal route and from there we fly to New York. Planning this trip is like a military operation, but so much fun. It’s going to be the trip of a life time. My friend and I both celebrate our birthdays during that trip (hers will be in Vegas, mine in LA) so that’s some way to spend your birthday.

Now I have to think about what to do on my birthday. Hmmm any thoughts?

Right, time for coffee round 2. Life is good!

Who knew!….

15 Sep

that today would actually be a good day after the disaster called “yesterday”.

I woke up this morning, realising my cold is nearly gone, yay! When I left home this morning, the sun was shining, shock! Arrived at work on time and I would love to say that even the cappuccino tasted better, but that would be a lie. Can’t have it all, right?

Right before lunchtime a guy came in, who does chair massages. Our management arranged that, sweet! Who wants a 15 minute massage? Meeeee! So before my lunchbreak I had a relaxing massage, then went outside with my colleague and did some shopping. Sigh, so far so good.

Did it get better? Yes, it did! Some of us participated in a raffle and as a thank you, we got vouchers: a 3 day mini-cruise to England, Newcastle to be exact, second person gets to go for free. I say: good deal! I was talking to a colleague about this and we decided to go together. Mind you, I’ve only known her for 2 months but hey, she likes fun, I like fun, so that should be good. Fun times ahead!

And yet, the day got better. My colleague called her mother, who just had her grandmother over for tea. So they talked about our plans and it turns out her grandmother won a prize in a puzzle competition. Her prize? A 3 day mini-cruise to Newcastle! But it’s only valid if used before December and they happen to be in Spain then. Hmmm what to do with the cruise then?

So guess who’s now going on a FREE mini-cruise to Newcastle, including one dinner and a sea-side cabin? *looks around*. Oh, that would be me then!

You can imagine the excitement. We kind of forgot that we were at work to do just that… work. Oh well, we’ll be productive again tomorrow.

I left work on time, had a fun ride home with my colleague (he’s the one that I nearly had to rescue last night). I didn’t have to cook because I had left over pasta, I did some cleaning, some laundry and right now I’m watching football: Real Madrid – Ajax (go Ajax!). Glass of wine next to me.

Sigh, life is good. I may not have a really nice car, a huge house, a large sum in my bank account or a wardrobe full of designer wear, but it’s not about those things. My cat is sleeping on the sofa. I moved to the dinnertable so she can sleep there. Her paws are twitching in her sleep, so cute. In other words, it’s not the big things that make life worth living. That’s easy. To appreciate the smaller things, or things that just happen to come your way, that’s the real deal.

So overall, this has been a good day and I’m grateful for that. What will tomorrow bring? Who knows!
For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my evening.

Now if only Ajax can manage to not lose this game….

EDIT: Ajax lost. 2-0. Sob.

Hello world!

11 Sep

Just what the world needs: yet another blogger! Oh well, I’m doing this anyway. Why? To get the sometimes oh so random thoughts, the frustrations, the wonderful events, the sadness, the small things in life, the big things in life, out of my head and into, well.. who knows!

I could have picked better days to start this. I’m sitting here, in my baggy clothes, cup of tea next to me, battling the worst cold I’ve had in a long time. Souvenir from Paris I guess, bleurgh.

I just spent 5 fantastic days in Paris, Montmartre to be more exact, with a friend. We counted, it was our 6th time in Paris and still we managed to find new things to see. Good thing about having been there several times is that we know our way around the metro system by now. That saves you like 2 hours a day, trust me. Things that we hadn’t visited before were the Pantheon (what a fabulous building), the Saint Sulpice (it was in The Da Vinci code, remember?) and the Tour Montparnasse. Better than the Eiffel Tower, because you get the same view, you actually see the Eiffel Tower and there’s no queuing line and no scary little lift. Win!

So we’ve done a lot, seen a lot, had pretty good weather, great restaurants, drinks. So did I come back all relaxed and well rested? The answer is: no! I’ve never managed to come back from Paris relaxed and well rested, because it’s exhausting. But oh so worth it. I love Paris, what can I say.

Next time I’ll just try bringing home a tacky Eiffel Tower souvenir though, instead of a cold. Right, off to find some paracetamol now. Back to the not so glamourous life, sigh.