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Vacaction time! Or is it?

16 Sep

After 3 months of working like mad, my vacation time finally arrived. Last Friday was my last workday. So time to relax and get ready for my trip to sunny Cyprus end of this week. Or so I thought!

On Saturday I woke up with the cold from hell. It was like 3 months of stress just hit back in one night. Ugh!

But no work to worry about so time to just relax. Right? Ehhhhh wrong! Because of the reorganization at work, today was assessment time. With a head full of cotton, people talking in the room next door and women walking up and down the hall in heels on wooden floors, it’s hard to concentrate. But I did it, I did alright and I’m done with it. The support I got from my colleagues was fantastic.

So can I let go of work now? No, I can’t! Because now I have to update my CV and send it in to HR. More work related stuff to do. Is it Friday yet?

Did I mention that it’s 30 degrees celsius in Cyprus right now? And that it’s already dark, windy and rainy here in the Netherlands? I want to gooooooo!

And if all this isn’t enough torture, I planned my first beginners class at my crossfit box on Wednesday. Why? I know I probably won’t be able to move until Sunday. Again, why? I must be mad! I’m actually more nervous for this than I was for my assessment. I just want to get this over with, I need to break through that wall.

Again, why am I doing this?

But now, it’s Monday night. Class of red wine, my cat is curled up next to me and a double episode of Grey’s Anatomy is on tv. Time to relax. For now. *sigh*

Driving home for Christmas?

13 Sep

One thing we all love to complain about: the weather! It never fails us, it’s always there. It’s either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry. What would we do if we didn’t have the weather to moan about. It’s perfect to fill awkward silences when you’re standing in a lift with someone you don’t know.

We skipped summer this year and went straight to autumn. I’ve never seen so much rain in my life! Don’t bother going outside with an umbrella, because it will blow to pieces. Because it’s not just rain, it’s wind as well. Can you tell I don’t particularly like this type of weather?

Typical December treats can already be found in the supermarket. Last Friday I went to a party and around midnight one of my friends put on a song. I recognized it immediately. Can it be? He didn’t…. Oh yes, he did! Chris Rea’s Driving Home For Christmas found it’s way to the playlist. Instant depression kicked in.

I’m desperate for some summer, some sun. Do we really have to wait until next April/May? Or is the only option to move to another country? Hmmmm there’s a thought.

Then again, we wouldn’t have anything to complain about, so then where would we be?!

Ah well, guess I’ll just turn on the lights, grab my fleece blanket and start watching Christmas movies.

Happy New Year everyone!

Help! It’s flu season!

20 Dec

1. Burning eyes. check.
2. Runny nose. check.
3. Aching muscles. check.
4. Fever. check.
5. Coughing like you belong in Seaworld. check.
6. Zero energy. check.

Yes people, its flu-time. I knew it was coming. Last week my voice was disappearing slowly but surely (I think I forgot to put that on the checklist hmmm) and since last Saturday I officially feel as if someone dragged me through a hedge. Head first.

I hate being sick. I’m too restless to stay in bed all day. So I move from my bed to my couch and back again. Thank God for watching mindless movies so I can keep myself occupied without actually having to use my brain.

Christmas is only a few days away. As long as I’m better on Christmas Eve, that’s all that counts. I’m going to be with my sister and her kids. She’s had a rough year and it means the world to her to make this a good christmas.

Wouldn’t be the first year I had to miss christmas because I was sick. I remember a few years ago I was down as well and even watching Harry Potter was too much hard work for me. Now that says something!

If only this dry cough would just go away. It’s driving me insane! So lots of tea with honey it is.

And in the meantime, business goes on as usual. Laundry needs to be done, dishes need to be done. So far I’ve managed to avoid having to go to the supermarket. Let’s hope I can make it last a bit longer.

Ah well, I’ll survive. Right? Right??!!!

I called my boss today to say I’m not going to be at work tomorrow. I think he’s kind of glad that I’m staying home. With my germs.

Right, off to watch another mindless movie. I think it’s going to be She’s All That now. Putting the brain on level zero now.

Someone pass me the Kleenex. Thanks.

Holiday is over, back to work. Hmphhhh.

14 Sep

*hachooooo*. Cough, sneeze, splutter. Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

Today was my first day back at work after a week off and a great trip to Paris. With watery eyes (and no, it wasn’t because I felt emotional about going back to work) and a runny nose I got into my car this morning. First there was the horror of waking up at 6am. I looked outside… and it was dark! Yuck! Then I went outside…. and it was wet! Double yuck!

After a long drive to work (why is it that once it’s raining, people forget how to drive?) I got there. I got my stuff out, turned on the computer and got myself a nice cappuccino. Well, it’s not really nice, but it’s still better then well, no cappuccino. After catching up with some of my colleagues I made a brave move: I opened my email. Eeeeek!

My computer actually froze, does that tell you enough? Unread emails are listed in red, read emails are listed in black. I didn’t see black. At all. Just red. So what did I do? I rolled up my sleeves (not really, just figuratively speaking) and… got myself another cup of coffee. More liquid courage was needed to tackle my inbox. Just as I was taking one more breath and convincing myself that it’s not that bad, I had to go to a meeting. A meeting? Why didn’t I know about that? Ah, it was in my email. That explains it.

A one hour meeting and then, it was time. The next hour I was staring at my screen, reading dozens of email, wondering why I even got half of them. Delete, delete, delete.

My eyes were getting dryer and dryer and the air conditioning didn’t help. So I felt like I could fall asleep any minute. Some fresh air during my lunch break would do me good I decided. Until I looked outside and it was raining harder than hard. “Shall we order lunch?” someone suggested. Good idea! Who needs fresh air anyway *yaaaaawn*.

One after-lunch dip later, it was time to get back to work. Or at least, make an attempt. Right, time to get started on the stuff that got left for me during my holiday. So I thought. Phonecall after phonecall, and my pile of work slowly moved to the corner of my desk. I swear it was looking at me. Growling at me. I think I even growled back at some point hmmm.

And time went on. Eyes getting dryer and heavier by the minute, nose getting more and more blocked by the second. Is it time to go home yet? I want to sleep! Around 3PM I suggested to my colleague that we would go outside for a second, to get some fresh air. Hmmm, still raining. Instead we went into the parking garage, to see if we could pick up some fresh air. Not really! A cold butt from sitting on a stone wall and the smell of diesel, that we did get. Obviously we didn’t stay out too long. Back to work it is then.

I actually managed to get some things done, although The Pile From Hell was still staring at me from my desk. I locked it away in my locker, hahaaaaa! Clever huh? It will be there when I come back in the morning. Hopefully with more energy than today.

So I went home at 5.30PM and of course, got stuck in traffic. Quick trip to the supermarket to pick up food, make some pasta and then sit down to write this blog before I start typing with my eyelids.

Hopefully, this is the end of my day but maybe my colleague/friend needs me to pick him up after college, because he managed to forget his house keys and can’t get into his house. I’m so going for the Friend of the Year Award. Pleaaaaaaase, have mercy on me and let me stay in. Pretty pleaaaaase! It’s dark, raining and windy outside and I just want to play Farmville (yes, I’m guilty), listen to my Il Divo playlist (yes, I love them, I do sing along and no it’s not good) and enjoy a nice glass of red wine.

And lo and behold! Just as I’m writing this, he texts me to say he’s fine and doesn’t need me to pick him up. At least this day ended with one good thing then, woohoo!

So, next step is to take out my contacts, take off my make up, pull my hair back in a ponytail and pour myself that well deserved glass of wine. I’ll probably be asleep after the first sip but who cares! It’s the thought that counts.

And tomorrow? I get to do it all over again. Cheers!

Hello world!

11 Sep

Just what the world needs: yet another blogger! Oh well, I’m doing this anyway. Why? To get the sometimes oh so random thoughts, the frustrations, the wonderful events, the sadness, the small things in life, the big things in life, out of my head and into, well.. who knows!

I could have picked better days to start this. I’m sitting here, in my baggy clothes, cup of tea next to me, battling the worst cold I’ve had in a long time. Souvenir from Paris I guess, bleurgh.

I just spent 5 fantastic days in Paris, Montmartre to be more exact, with a friend. We counted, it was our 6th time in Paris and still we managed to find new things to see. Good thing about having been there several times is that we know our way around the metro system by now. That saves you like 2 hours a day, trust me. Things that we hadn’t visited before were the Pantheon (what a fabulous building), the Saint Sulpice (it was in The Da Vinci code, remember?) and the Tour Montparnasse. Better than the Eiffel Tower, because you get the same view, you actually see the Eiffel Tower and there’s no queuing line and no scary little lift. Win!

So we’ve done a lot, seen a lot, had pretty good weather, great restaurants, drinks. So did I come back all relaxed and well rested? The answer is: no! I’ve never managed to come back from Paris relaxed and well rested, because it’s exhausting. But oh so worth it. I love Paris, what can I say.

Next time I’ll just try bringing home a tacky Eiffel Tower souvenir though, instead of a cold. Right, off to find some paracetamol now. Back to the not so glamourous life, sigh.