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Is this really me?

18 Aug

Last Friday, I truly amazed myself. For a while now, healthy eating and working out regularly has become part of my life, part of my daily routine. But like I said, I surprised myself last Friday.

My work week has been hell. Understaffed, major workload, lots of pressure. By the time Friday afternoon came, I was done! All I wanted to do was go home, have my dinner and veg out on the couch. I had my 3rd workout of the week on Thursday, but it didn’t go very well. So I decided to take my gym bag to work on Friday, to go straight after work to make up for that.

And honestly, I felt like skipping it. But something stronger in me said: hang on, so you’ll sit at home all evening and feel tired. And then what? Get your ass to the gym and then go home at feel tired, but good tired.

So, I went! And I had a killer workout. I felt proud of myself. For going to the gym instead of going straight home and for chosing to feel good instead of taking the easy way out. The ‘old’ me was never able to do that. I would come up with a zillion excuses for not going.


After 2 days of well earned rest, I’m packing my bag for tomorrow. And feeling good about it! Bring on a new week!