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Vacaction time! Or is it?

16 Sep

After 3 months of working like mad, my vacation time finally arrived. Last Friday was my last workday. So time to relax and get ready for my trip to sunny Cyprus end of this week. Or so I thought!

On Saturday I woke up with the cold from hell. It was like 3 months of stress just hit back in one night. Ugh!

But no work to worry about so time to just relax. Right? Ehhhhh wrong! Because of the reorganization at work, today was assessment time. With a head full of cotton, people talking in the room next door and women walking up and down the hall in heels on wooden floors, it’s hard to concentrate. But I did it, I did alright and I’m done with it. The support I got from my colleagues was fantastic.

So can I let go of work now? No, I can’t! Because now I have to update my CV and send it in to HR. More work related stuff to do. Is it Friday yet?

Did I mention that it’s 30 degrees celsius in Cyprus right now? And that it’s already dark, windy and rainy here in the Netherlands? I want to gooooooo!

And if all this isn’t enough torture, I planned my first beginners class at my crossfit box on Wednesday. Why? I know I probably won’t be able to move until Sunday. Again, why? I must be mad! I’m actually more nervous for this than I was for my assessment. I just want to get this over with, I need to break through that wall.

Again, why am I doing this?

But now, it’s Monday night. Class of red wine, my cat is curled up next to me and a double episode of Grey’s Anatomy is on tv. Time to relax. For now. *sigh*

What a wreck

31 Aug

Why is it, that things can go great for you and still at times you feel like an emotional wreck, for no reason?
As you can guess, I’m feeling like that right now. What triggered it? It’s probably because I’m just really tired.
Work has been madness. With people away on sabbatical, vacation and some being sick for months now, it basically leaves me doing the work of 4 or 5 people, 5 days a week, for 3 months now. I’ve been working with 1 other colleague, who then went on vacation when another one came back. They work less hours than me.

So it’s been madness and I’m done. I’m tired, I’m cranky and I’m low on energy. 2 more weeks until my 2 weeks off and I am counting the days.


I’ve hardly been working out last week and I’ve been struggling with my eating. Nothing too crazy, but not how I want to do it. How I should be doing it. I made a promise to myself and I’m struggling to keep that promise. But I don’t want to be too hard on myself either. I find that hard though. I look at my body and I hate it. I want to change it so bad and I’m working hard for it. That’s why I feel horrible when I sabbotage myself like this by not working out and by eating the wrong stuff.

Add to that some ‘man-issues’ and the package is complete: work, love, looks, health.

I’m was getting emotional by looking at just about anything. Something on tv, a picture. Heck, I was catching up on Glee today and that got me into tears big time.

So, where do I go from here. I’m not going to sit around feeling sorry for myself. That’s not helping. Tomorrow, new day, new chance. Working out, eating properly and looking forward to my Cyprus holiday in a few weeks time.

Time to pick myself up and kick some ass again. Time to motivate myself. I know I can do it!


And the train keeps on going…

21 Mar

Yes, it happened. I lost my marbles. Has anyone seen them?

I still have no definite news about the job I wrote about last time, but it’s looking very promising. In about a week I should know more if they can hire me for sure.

So that’s enough to keep myself occupied for now. You would think….

I moved to my current house last November. I’m renting this house from a friend who’s had it up for sale for nearly 2 years. No way that it was going to be sold any time soon and no way that she was going to lower the price. Until 2 weeks ago. My friend told me she decided to lower the price and someone came to take a look. The made a bid and she took it.

A week ago there was the phonecall: the house had been sold, the transaction will be on May 14th.

I’m happy for her that she finally got to sell the house so she can move on. But where am I going to go! She’s a great friend though so from the start she said she would do everything to can to help me out. And she did! She set me up with her real estate agent who just got an appartment to rent. Went to check in out this morning and presto: I will have a new home in May, in the same city. It’s actually a 15 minute walk from here.

I’m so relieved, sleep hasn’t been my friend this last week.

So, once again, I’m preparing a move. I’m getting the hang of this now, but please I’m done for now. Really, I am. With any luck I’ll be starting my new job at the same time as moving to my new house.

I know I said 2012 was going to be the year of change for me. Never thought it would be this extreme though.

Ah well, never a dull moment!


Has anyone seen my patience?

28 Feb

Patience is a virtue, they say. In some situations I amaze myself with the amount of patience I have. You need something untied and it’s a horrible mess? Give it to me and I’ll untangle it for you, no matter how long it takes.

So I do have patience. Well, some. Right now, I’m lacking patience though. I had a job interview last Thursday. It went great and I think I have a really good chance of getting it. But she had to interview about 4 other people, so I wouldn’t hear until during this week, to find out if I get a second interview.

It’s only Tuesday. I said to myself I shouldn’t expect to hear anything sooner than Wednesday. But I’m nervous. I want to know! I want this job, I’m the best person for it. And I think I really made that point during the interview. I couldn’t have done a better job than I did.

So I tell myself to stay calm, wait, be patient and be positive. Now if only I can get myself to listen to me.

Patience is a virtue. Who came up with that line?

Heaven in a cup

24 Sep

I know that it’s hard to believe for many people, especially from the US, but here in the Netherlands a Starbucks is hard to find.

3 train stations in the country have a Starbucks and you can grab a latte at Amsterdam Airport, but that’s it.

Until now that is!

Earlier this year it was announced that Starbucks is opening a few stores in Amsterdam. Yippie! And that’s not all. No, it gets better. There was going to be a Starbucks 5 minutes from work. The opening had been delayed many times and everyone was starting to wonder if it was ever going to happen.

But, slowly but surely, it was becoming evident that there was indeed going to be a Starbucks. The lettering on the outside, and a board outside, counting the days until the grand opening.

And last Wednesday, finally, Starbucks opened. And heaven opened and angels sang! Okay, maybe not that dramatic.

Last Friday my colleague and I went to check it out. Nice weather, so a perfect walk during our lunchbreak. They turned it into a lovely place but why did everyone have to be there at that exact same time?

We placed our orders: a tall crème brulee macchiato. Yes, you read it right: a crème brulee macchiato. I was heaving a pretty bad day at work. But that delicious, perfectly sweetened coffee drink just made my day. It was like having your dessert and your coffee at the same time. Heaven in a cup indeed! Oh, don’t you just love how simple life can be at times?

creme brulee macchiato

Coming up for air!

5 Dec

Wow, it’s been over a month since my last post. Real life got in the way and I haven’t been near my laptop for more than 5 minutes at a time. My internet connection has not been what it’s supposed to be either.

Something tells me it’s a conspiracy to keep me from going online. Hmmm.

Last time I wrote about the yes/no/maybe situation at work. Well, it’s been a very hectic time but 2 weeks ago I finally got the word: I keep my job! Permanently! I’m officially back in my former job (assistant banker) and I couldn’t be happier. They’ve teamed me a up with a banker who I get along with just great and who needs me to kick his butt into gear so I couldn’t be happier.

Things have been busy but good. So yay me!

More to come soon! If I can get my internet fixed properly this time it is… ugh…

Spinning around and around and around

30 Oct

To stay in the spirit of Halloween, I have the feeling my head is spinning around Exorcist-style.

There’s only so much room in my head! Since June, I’ve known that I’m going to be leaving my current job, moving on to something else. Long live redundancy. And I was okay with that. Looking forward to it even. Yesterday was going to be my last day. This last week has been mad, but good. I was actually enjoying my job again. What a new team and new management can do huh? And now, I had to say goodbye. Or… not?

Thursday the manager came to me, asking me if I want to think about staying around until I found something else. Yesterday we talked again, and he asked me how I would feel about applying for the job again. Because of the reorganisation and my redundancy there are lots of procedures. So I thought about it long and hard and said yes to that.

So no turning in my passes yesterday, no clearing out my locker and no flowers. I won’t know until Tuesday if I can actually come back ‘temporarily’ and then I have to wait for another few weeks to find out if I get my old job back.

Like I said, my head is spinning. Since June I’ve been getting ready to say goodbye to my job and my colleagues after 5 years. And now things might change again? Or not? Ahhhhh. For months I was hoping to get away as soon as possible and now I’m hoping I won’t have to go. I wonder if it has something to do with me being a Gemini. Hmmm.

One thing I do know: I need a drink! Happy Halloween!


3 Oct

Eek, I was internetless! Why don’t you just cut off my arms.

But, I’m back. It’s not like I had any time to write anyway. Pfff. Don’t you just hate it when real life gets in the way? Work has been mad. I work at a bank and we’ve merged with another bank. Last Friday the new teams started to work together. So people from two different banks all moved into one place. Still using seperate computer systems, different phonelines and even serving different clients. Can you spell: CHAOS?

For me, this means the last month in my job has begun. I decided months ago that it was time for me to move on. Then the whole reorganisation happened and they had to get rid of a lot of people. At the start of the selection process I made it clear that I’m not really interested in keeping this job. But the back up plan is really good I have to say. For those who are made redundant, they try to find other jobs within the bank. But there is a catch. The bank decides what they think is the right job for you. You can’t say no, becuase that would mean that you volunteer to resign. Consequence: no benefits, no income, no nothing.

If I don’t get anything before November 1st, I have to make the decision: redundancy fee and leave the bank or enroll in the so called “Redeployment Center” aka RDC. That means that I won’t be working in my current job but during a year, the bank will help me find a new job, inside or outside the bank. I get to do courses, trainings and hopefully a great job will come out of that. The best part is that you get paid normal salary for that entire year. So that’s what I’m going for.

I have a couple of great things lined up so I’m sure something amazing will come out of that soon.
It’s been scary to make the decision, but I’m glad I did. I will miss the people at work though. Last Friday we had a gathering and went out for drinks afterwards. I’m going to miss those crazy people. But I’m sure we’ll manage to stay in touch. Luckily I’m very good at that.

So, one more month. Time will fly, I’m sure. After 5 years in this department it’s time to move on.

It’s time to start a new phase in my life. Somehow these ‘new start’ moments always inspire me to make changes in myself as well. So it’s time to finally cut the c**p and stick with my diet and dust off the crosstrainer. I just did a workout, yay me!

New start. Time to invest in me. In my career, my future, my body, my mind.

Who knew!….

15 Sep

that today would actually be a good day after the disaster called “yesterday”.

I woke up this morning, realising my cold is nearly gone, yay! When I left home this morning, the sun was shining, shock! Arrived at work on time and I would love to say that even the cappuccino tasted better, but that would be a lie. Can’t have it all, right?

Right before lunchtime a guy came in, who does chair massages. Our management arranged that, sweet! Who wants a 15 minute massage? Meeeee! So before my lunchbreak I had a relaxing massage, then went outside with my colleague and did some shopping. Sigh, so far so good.

Did it get better? Yes, it did! Some of us participated in a raffle and as a thank you, we got vouchers: a 3 day mini-cruise to England, Newcastle to be exact, second person gets to go for free. I say: good deal! I was talking to a colleague about this and we decided to go together. Mind you, I’ve only known her for 2 months but hey, she likes fun, I like fun, so that should be good. Fun times ahead!

And yet, the day got better. My colleague called her mother, who just had her grandmother over for tea. So they talked about our plans and it turns out her grandmother won a prize in a puzzle competition. Her prize? A 3 day mini-cruise to Newcastle! But it’s only valid if used before December and they happen to be in Spain then. Hmmm what to do with the cruise then?

So guess who’s now going on a FREE mini-cruise to Newcastle, including one dinner and a sea-side cabin? *looks around*. Oh, that would be me then!

You can imagine the excitement. We kind of forgot that we were at work to do just that… work. Oh well, we’ll be productive again tomorrow.

I left work on time, had a fun ride home with my colleague (he’s the one that I nearly had to rescue last night). I didn’t have to cook because I had left over pasta, I did some cleaning, some laundry and right now I’m watching football: Real Madrid – Ajax (go Ajax!). Glass of wine next to me.

Sigh, life is good. I may not have a really nice car, a huge house, a large sum in my bank account or a wardrobe full of designer wear, but it’s not about those things. My cat is sleeping on the sofa. I moved to the dinnertable so she can sleep there. Her paws are twitching in her sleep, so cute. In other words, it’s not the big things that make life worth living. That’s easy. To appreciate the smaller things, or things that just happen to come your way, that’s the real deal.

So overall, this has been a good day and I’m grateful for that. What will tomorrow bring? Who knows!
For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my evening.

Now if only Ajax can manage to not lose this game….

EDIT: Ajax lost. 2-0. Sob.

Holiday is over, back to work. Hmphhhh.

14 Sep

*hachooooo*. Cough, sneeze, splutter. Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

Today was my first day back at work after a week off and a great trip to Paris. With watery eyes (and no, it wasn’t because I felt emotional about going back to work) and a runny nose I got into my car this morning. First there was the horror of waking up at 6am. I looked outside… and it was dark! Yuck! Then I went outside…. and it was wet! Double yuck!

After a long drive to work (why is it that once it’s raining, people forget how to drive?) I got there. I got my stuff out, turned on the computer and got myself a nice cappuccino. Well, it’s not really nice, but it’s still better then well, no cappuccino. After catching up with some of my colleagues I made a brave move: I opened my email. Eeeeek!

My computer actually froze, does that tell you enough? Unread emails are listed in red, read emails are listed in black. I didn’t see black. At all. Just red. So what did I do? I rolled up my sleeves (not really, just figuratively speaking) and… got myself another cup of coffee. More liquid courage was needed to tackle my inbox. Just as I was taking one more breath and convincing myself that it’s not that bad, I had to go to a meeting. A meeting? Why didn’t I know about that? Ah, it was in my email. That explains it.

A one hour meeting and then, it was time. The next hour I was staring at my screen, reading dozens of email, wondering why I even got half of them. Delete, delete, delete.

My eyes were getting dryer and dryer and the air conditioning didn’t help. So I felt like I could fall asleep any minute. Some fresh air during my lunch break would do me good I decided. Until I looked outside and it was raining harder than hard. “Shall we order lunch?” someone suggested. Good idea! Who needs fresh air anyway *yaaaaawn*.

One after-lunch dip later, it was time to get back to work. Or at least, make an attempt. Right, time to get started on the stuff that got left for me during my holiday. So I thought. Phonecall after phonecall, and my pile of work slowly moved to the corner of my desk. I swear it was looking at me. Growling at me. I think I even growled back at some point hmmm.

And time went on. Eyes getting dryer and heavier by the minute, nose getting more and more blocked by the second. Is it time to go home yet? I want to sleep! Around 3PM I suggested to my colleague that we would go outside for a second, to get some fresh air. Hmmm, still raining. Instead we went into the parking garage, to see if we could pick up some fresh air. Not really! A cold butt from sitting on a stone wall and the smell of diesel, that we did get. Obviously we didn’t stay out too long. Back to work it is then.

I actually managed to get some things done, although The Pile From Hell was still staring at me from my desk. I locked it away in my locker, hahaaaaa! Clever huh? It will be there when I come back in the morning. Hopefully with more energy than today.

So I went home at 5.30PM and of course, got stuck in traffic. Quick trip to the supermarket to pick up food, make some pasta and then sit down to write this blog before I start typing with my eyelids.

Hopefully, this is the end of my day but maybe my colleague/friend needs me to pick him up after college, because he managed to forget his house keys and can’t get into his house. I’m so going for the Friend of the Year Award. Pleaaaaaaase, have mercy on me and let me stay in. Pretty pleaaaaase! It’s dark, raining and windy outside and I just want to play Farmville (yes, I’m guilty), listen to my Il Divo playlist (yes, I love them, I do sing along and no it’s not good) and enjoy a nice glass of red wine.

And lo and behold! Just as I’m writing this, he texts me to say he’s fine and doesn’t need me to pick him up. At least this day ended with one good thing then, woohoo!

So, next step is to take out my contacts, take off my make up, pull my hair back in a ponytail and pour myself that well deserved glass of wine. I’ll probably be asleep after the first sip but who cares! It’s the thought that counts.

And tomorrow? I get to do it all over again. Cheers!